Social Media and the Presidential camping

When talking about presidential elections and their advertisements in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, official blogs and other social networks make this a new way of targeting for future voters. User are constantly “expressing their opinions without bias “ 1 as mentioned in an article of on an online research company that has been keeping tack of the effectiveness of the adds and commercials about the presidential campaign. The videos that have gone viral are not only the once that the different parties post. Other post of third parties are get “a free, if short, ride on the Fame Wheel, usually at the expense of Mitt Romney, who, let’s stipulate, is not the likeliest presidential choice of the Twitter generation.” 2

The timelines of status updates are more likely to reach more audiences. Official pages and blogs are influencing the voters’ point of view, based on the information that is share in micro blogs with a “microtargeted” messages to voters3. Influencing online voters with pictures, videos and short comments.

More over, diversification is the key of the campaign. Obama has more acceptance in social media, and he is more diversified while Romney is still working on getting the word out with a good outcome, which are now rated with hastages after every event.

The Seattle Times said that “Before the debate was over, the hashtag #bindersfullofwomen was ricocheting through the Twitterverse. By morning, “binders full of women” was the lead topic on talk shows and continues to be a multimedia punch line.”3 Social media has a big impact and every statement has an effect.

1 Visione

2 The Seattle Times

3 Seattle Times


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