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Time to add more hours to the educational program

Do kids need more hours is school? Well, a few more classes will not harm anyone. Children now a day are very smart. They can get their way around with technology. After reading this article I came across with the conclusion that maybe schools don’t have to add more hours to their schedule. More subjects can be taught, by using technology. Instead of getting more staff, the schools should reallocate their monetary funds and give away tablets with interactive apps to keep children busy with schoolwork and entertained at the same time. The teachers can plan assignments that could be done by students in the comfort of their homes, while the they are at school planning the next class.

If the student have extra question, he or she can email the teacher. Maybe not with a typical written message that describers where they are having trouble. Instead they could send a video of them performing something and record it so the teacher knows what they are doing. For example, guitar class, students can make videos of them practicing and send them to the teacher instead of having children in one classroom with a lousy noise. On that way teacher are making themselves more available to students. After adding internet in their curriculum.

Check out the article and let me know what you think.

Students in 5 states to see an increase in class time



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