Blogging and social media

The top social media blogs that are viral, are those that introduce readers to social media marketing, including tips and trends. Bloggers can create this traffic when they post helpful information about how to get the business going. They advise readers to share and repost information about an specific product. Besides business, there are many other blogs that are frequented by many. Some of them are sports related. Comments about the major sports such as, football, basketball and baseball.
When people look for information about game reviews and begin to search, ends up with many articles that have been written by bloggers from all over the world. This is the cool part about blogging.Key words that are tagged in blog post are meant to help bloggers to get their word out. Remember that readers might not keep constantly looking for a specific blog. However, keep in mind that even if you don’t get any comments there is people out there who might be reading your article. Now with social media you can link your blog and the social networks where you are part and promote your blog. Blogs that are posted in social media are more likely to go viral. Whoever likes your blog, will post it in his or her timeline if we are talking about facebook and maybe create a hashtag for twitter. Both are good ways to measure who’s reading your blog and maybe get some feedback.

Articles about Social Media and blogging


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