Holiday & Social Media

Ho ho ho…

Consider social media for this holiday season to make announcements of new arrivals, promotions and customer reward.
Mention important characteristics of a product or service in any of the social launches. When you talk about the new arrivals make sure that you take pictures of the product. Upload the photos (which should be personalized, remember that you are trying to make an impact), create hashtags that say why they are good and why people should buy them.
Create conversations with your customers, who are trying to get the best gift. Tell them what the company think is good to buy, for family, friends and significant others. Be creative, ask questions that people can relate at the moment of buying a product.
Make sure that you are replying to comments that your customers post. This will create customer loyalty. Clients want to know what you have to say back.
Remember that social media campaigns have to be well planned. Every post has a purpose.

Don’t keep your customers behind a screen. Invite them to stop by the store. Social media allows companies to introduce followers to the environment of the store, where current and potential client feel welcome.

Another aspect that is good to consider in social media is reward. Reward your followers. Make them feel part of the family. Create specific campaigns and give back to customers and to the comminuty.

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