A few of the blogs that I follow….

Footprint—blog for PR students/young professionals

Is good to consider all the options that we have over the table and Footprint makes it possible. This blog is meant to help people who are interested in the PR trends and how they can implement them in their current or potential jobs.

Developing Relationships with Media: 10 Best Practices

The Official Google Blog

Changes in technology are constant and this blog talks about the latest updates on Google and the many other topics that are related to it. Further more, this blog talks about the impact of technology around the world and the campaigns that Google sponsor’s.

If you want to learn more about Google check out their official blog and click on the link, below.


InDesign Docs

In the twenty first century ignorance is an option. Companies that create all of the computer programs that we currently use have blogs where they explain the new tools that are display in the menu bar. InDesign is one of those programs that are commonly used in the industry of Public Relations for the layout of pages.

Refresh your knowledge and learn about what is new in InDesign Docs



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