Tips for pitching

Now with social media, you can tweet pitches, to journalist. Remember that Twitter is less personal than Facebook. Make good use of these media or stick with emails. It looks more professional.
Always give a personal touch to your pitch. Use the name of the person that you are pitching. Engage the journalist with your pitch and mentions previous works that he or she has published. You can mention something that you liked about his or her work, then go on with your pitch. Remember that there is a higher level of email traffic over office hours. Email your pitch in the evening. Once you are ready to write your pitch don’t forget to add some background information for a better understanding. The key of a pitch is to stick to the point and keep it in only two paragraphs. This could be challenging but is doable. Include information about who you are and beging to build good relationship with the journalist. After the pitch is sent you are responsible to follow up. When you are following up, don’t sent too many emails. If you follow these tips that Hindman is sharing with you. Your pitches will never be the same. They’ll be more effective. Now is in you to write good pitches but only practive helps you improve. Good Luck!

The article about Hindman’s tips can be found in PR news.




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